Marriage and Couples Therapy

Do you remember what your relationship used to feel like?  Feeling connected to someone you love can be the most wonderful experience in the world.  It’s when we feel fully alive and engaged in the joy of the world around us.  But that sense of connection often seems to slip away, replaced by frustration, disagreement and a longing for something more.  Often, the demands of raising children, extended family concerns, different sex drives, financial issues, job stress, physical changes or infidelity fuel the feelings of dissatisfaction and create pain and distance that feels almost unbearable.

Creating a Partnership

Imagine learning a simple, respectful, and effective way to talk with your partner about the things that really matter.  Imagine a partnership in which there is no blame, no shame, and no criticism.  Instead, there is a stronger connection born of attentive listening and enjoying the experience of being deeply heard in an emotionally safe environment. Imagine rediscovering the lost connection with your partner and creating a lasting, mature love.

Good Relationships Take Time and Effort

We do regular maintenance on our cars, we spend money on home renovations, we spend thousands of hours to influence the lives of our children, we give eight or more hours a day to our work and then we go home and expect our primary relationship to just fall into place.  When it comes to love we just aren’t very sensible. Everyone has to work on keeping their marriage or relationship lively and loving.  You can too!  All you need is a willingness to try some new things, a commitment to being your best self, an open mind toward your partner, and some counseling help to put it all together.

Dissatisfaction and suffering can be a blessing in disguise. If we move toward our pain with curiosity and an open heart, we can learn new skills, heal old wounds, have deeper emotional experiences, and tap into powerful internal resources that can help us to cope more creatively with the distress in our lives.

Saving Marriages, Restoring Families & Relationships

Many people regard a healthy love relationship as life’s most valuable asset.  Few things are so important to long-term health and happiness. What else in our lives could be more deserving of the best we can give?  Call it couples counseling, relationship counseling, marriage therapy, or anything else:  Sometimes counseling is the best thing we can give to our relationship or our marriage.

Couples come to counseling for many reasons, including:

  • Frequent arguments
  • Loss of emotional or sexual spark
  • Infidelity
  • Feeling taken for granted
  • Not feeling “heard” or respected
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Maintaining civility in divorce

In addition to managing specific issues, most couples benefit from improved communication and conflict-management skills. Learning to shortcut arguments, to listen respectfully, to voice one’s real needs, to express respect and appreciation are critical skills that break logjams. Developing these skills can save marriages and relationships.

Couples Therapy Has True Power!

  • End chronic arguments
  • Recover intimacy
  • Restore trust
  • Rebuild respect and appreciation
  • Learn how to get your needs met
  • Healing from affairs

Couples counseling is not just about solving problems. We work to strengthen the foundations of the relationship, rediscover the positives that brought you together in the first place, and create new habits that build up rather than undermine the relationship.

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