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Creating a Passion for Living, Loving, and Laughing

Thanks for Stopping By!

We, Rick Stolp, Ph.D. and Sherry Stolp, LPC want to thank you for stopping by our website!   We hope you’ll take a few minutes to take a look at how we can be of service.  We provide individual, couples, and group counseling and specialize in marital and couple’s therapy, pre-marital counseling, and life transition counseling.

We provide you with a safe haven and a relaxed environment where you can talk freely, better understand yourself, and make the changes you want.

We Can Help You …

  • Create the kind of relationships you really want
  • Enrich the most important relationships in your life
  • Deal with loss or challenging changes in your life
  • Gain practical skills for developing the positive transformation you need
  • Develop new skills for handling stress and anxiety
  • Modify unhealthy behaviors and long-standing patterns
  • Attain insight into personal patterns and behaviors
  • Improve ways to manage anger, depression or moods
  • Navigate life’s obstacles more effectively
  • Improve listening and communication skills
  • Enhance the overall quality of your life

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